Finally: The selections for FIC 2017 have been made and the countdown to the festival can begin! The program includes interesting workshops and performances by inspiring dance makers and differing—possibly even opposing—viewpoints on instant choreography. The festival’s theme this year is “the personal”.

The festival will begin with a heated pairing: Merphing 2 and Bodily Monologue. In the former, dramaturgical responsibility has been placed in the hands of the performers; in the latter, the whole concept of dramaturgy becomes submitted to the practice of the performer. The program also includes a score-based and extremely personal Wilhelm and Spiegel im Spiegel. We have a durational and political POST POST NATURE and we also have two video installations, of which one was made intentionally and the other by accident, both with good humor.

We don’t have a panel discussion focused on instant choreography; instead, we have a panel about humanity, love, and relationships, because we feel that these are more interesting topics to discuss. Meanwhile, the Festival Club features an improv battle, where questions of instant choreography will be answered in flesh and sweat!

One of the aims of our festival is to increase transparency and to implement improved production policies, and for this reason we are publishing the festival budget on Höyhentämö’s webpage after the festival. The performances selected by the open call have been chosen by the festival’s artistic team, including myself, dance artist Heini Tuoresmäki, and Höyhentämö’s producer Rosa Sedita. My own piece Merphing 2 has been planned to be included in the festival program since the festival’s inception (see Greeting). I have also selected the panel guests and Jyrki Kanto’s video installation Jään laulu out of my personal interests and without curating.

Welcome to the FIC Festival!

Kati Korosuo

Artistic Director