A Sharing


Sat 28.4.2018



Höyhentämö at 13.30-15.00
Workshop in Finnish
Tickets 10 € // Reserve here


A Sharing

Höyhentämö at 18.00
Performance in English
Tickets 10 € // Reserve here


A Sharing

Merikerho (Sörnäisten rantapromenadi) at 21.30
Performance in English
Free admission

A Sharing is a club-like situation where the performers tune the space to the frequency of the body. Parts of the performance are lightly participatory, and there is a strong emphasis on its voluntary nature. Energpriests dances to mobilize energy. A Sharing looks at the pre-primary dancing as an event of sharing and tuning-in. The performance observes the sensations of the person’s limits, motives and inhibitions; the way they exist in the body; and how they are affected when being seen.

Duration about 1 h.


At the workshop the participants will learn about the group’s way of working by talking and doing embodied practises. The practises are best described as movement improvisation and they are partly done with a partner. All of the proposed practises aim towards listening to the body. In the work we differentiate the impulses of the mind and the body, and try to become more aware of their sometimes radically different quality and structure. The proposition is not about one truth; rather, it opens up a space for different ways of being.

You don’t need a dance background to participate. The age limit is 13+. Take both warm and lighter clothes to stay warm and to move in, a water bottle, and a pen and paper for notes. The workshop lasts 1,5 hours and takes place at Höyhentämö.


Energpriests is a Helsinki-based collective laboratory consisting of dancers and choreographers. Through embodied energy practise we aim to bring about freedom for the female body in the contexts of pre-primary dancing and in the club scene. We present our work in the form of an event called A Sharing.

Our events are safe places for anybody to participate, either by observing or by taking part in the dance. A Sharing does not forbid or restrict sexuality and the performing persons are not objectified or sexualized by others. We try to facilitate a healthy and exhilarating option for appearance-oriented partying. The concept operates as a bridge between art and pop culture in order to create and maintain feministic imagery and embodiment, especially for women.

At the studio we do weekly multiple exercises dealing with the social aspect of the body, the energy flow in the body and cells, and being witnessed and seen. Through the work we try to identify the social norms regarding our bodies that lead us to restrict our bodies, or to become too cautious, or to feel shame. We work as a group to testify and support each other’s growth in order to empower – and to end the fight between – women.

The Energpriests consists of Krista-Julia Arppo, Soili Huhtakallio, Anni Koskinen, Meeri Lempiäinen, Salla Rytövuori, Pauliina Sjöberg and Katriina Tavi. We collaborate with Dj Ukko and lighting designer Teo Lanerva.

Our work has been supported by Helsinki City and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.