Household Dance Protocol:

Kitchen Explorations


Sat 28.4.2018
Höyhentämö at 15.30-17.30
Free admission

In the theatre a dancer stands out on stage, possessing a genuine ability to be in the moment and a sensitivity to the environment. In Household Dance Protocol’s Kitchen Explorations the participants are invited to take a similar role, one that is both sensitive and present.

Kitchen Explorations is an interactive headphone installation, but it is also a dance performance that is being created and observed simultaneously by participants and viewer. The daily movements of making a cup of tea, baking bread or washing a pan are a part of the universal dance score of the kitchen, a choreography that is everlasting, constantly ongoing, involving millions of people in millions of kitchens around the planet at every single moment. The participants of Kitchen Explorations become aware of the possibilities of this dance.

Kitchen Explorations can be visited between 15.30-17.30. The installation can fit seven people at a time and it lasts about ten minutes for each participant. Kitchen Explorations is created by Sandrina Lindgren (concept, text) in collaboration with Antti Tolvi (music) and Pia Bartsch (costume).


Household Dance Protocol (HDP) is a project that investigates our relation to household work through dance and somatic and physical movement methods. The project’s aim is to awaken a discussion about the status of household-movements in our society, and to offer a playground in which household tasks are important and valued movement rituals, games, and events in our lives.

HDP is an ongoing project that started in 2017. It offers radio-podcasts about household tasks and dance, workshops, installations and performances. HDP is initiated by dance artist and theatre maker Sandrina Lindgren in collaboration with composer and Qigong teacher Antti Tolvi as well as a number of other Turku-based artists.

HDP is a collaboration with Grus Grus Teatteri and it is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Varsinais-Suomen Maakuntarahasto, TOP säätiö and Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus.