Markus Renvall:

Satu on tarua ihmeellisempi


Sat 28.4.2018
At 12.00 – 00.00
Free admission

At the yard between the Museum of Finnish Architecture (Kasarmikatu 24) and the Design Museum (Korkeavuorenkatu 23)

Satu on tarua ihmeellisempi (The Fairytale is Stranger Than the Saga) is an experimental video-based work that relies lightly on quantum physics and ponders its essence as part of art. The work takes the form of an art sauna which will be built and dismantled during the festival day. Through dance and animated video, Renvall plays with quantum physics phenomena and theories. The videos will be projected live on the walls of the sauna. These videos have been implemented with multiple camera technologies: overlapping viewing angles make the material multi-layered, creating a magical feeling. The art sauna celebrates one of the deepest cores of Finnish culture and invites to experience a new kind of löyly!

The art sauna will be build on the yard between the Design Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture and it is open to all. Building the sauna starts at noon and it is open the whole day until midnight. The building process is also a part of the performance and that is possible to join as well. Renvall is building the sauna with his brother Seppo Renvall.

Entering the sauna is free of charge, but please bring your own towel and a swimming suit if you like. It’s also possible to rent towels at Höyhentämö for three euros.

Satu on tarua ihmeellisempi is supported by Art Promotion Center Finland, AVEK and VISEK and made in collaboration with Design Museum and Museum of Finnish Architecture. Big thanks to our neighbors!


Markus Renvall is a Finnish media artist who has built different kind of art saunas around the world since the 90s. He works with the mediums of open process, video, sound and social situation.


There is a Lady Fairytale and a Lady Saga. They are walking simultaneously but in different directions. When Lady Fairytale turns, Lady Saga turns as well. Like atoms or particles bound to react to each other whilst holding the very balance of life in their hands. This is why it’s impossible for them to come together. Where is the saga and where does it end? What is the enchantment of the fairytale and where is it born? What about the enchantment of the saga? What are the colours of the fairytale? What is it that makes the fairytale a tale and the vanity of the saga?