Riina Hannuksela: 

WALK ME, TALK ME – Acts of Daring


Sat 28.4.2018
1st walk at 12.00 RESERVED
2nd walk at 13.15 RESERVED
3rd walk at 14.30 RESERVED
4th walk at 16.30 RESERVED
5th walk at 20.00 RESERVED

Departure from Höyhentämö. One performance is availabe for 1-2 participants.

Tickets 10 € // Reserve here

WMTM – Acts of Daring is a performative walk. It includes the artist and one or two participants walking together. It is a public statement for a more permissive and caring society. WMTM – Acts of Daring asks: how free are we to express ourselves, to encounter each other and to care for one another in the public realm?

How many unwritten rules control our public behaviour? What happens if you break them? Something that was invisible before becomes visible. You might get immediate attention, whether you wanted it or not.

Public space is not equally accessible for everyone: some can do things that others can’t. How visible can I be or how much noise can I make? Where am I located in this space?

Walking is a fundamental part of the work. It brings people together. Walking creates a rhythm, time and space which we can settle into and allow ourselves to be transported. It takes care of us. We choose random paths in urban space, we learn something about each other, we dare together.

Duration: 30 min – 1 h.


Riina Hannuksela is a Helsinki-based dance artist working for diversity and inclusion in various contexts. In her work she explores differences of accessibility in societal life. She works outside of art institutions, in public space and usually with non-professionals. She is interested in everyday actions.

In her artistic practice she aims to improve equality between diverse actors by co-creating and co-experiencing. She is curious about the surprise and the unpredictability brought to the artistic process by the surroundings and the people in it.

Lately she has been directing Dancegroup Ihanat, which is a regularly performing group for youth and children with intellectual disabilities. Besides that, she has been working with immigrants and in multidisciplinary projects, among other things.