The Festival of Instant Choreography publishes its budget after each festival. This small gesture is a manifestation of the values that the festival wants to promote: transparency and openness. These in turn further equality. By promoting transparency the possibilities to act unethically towards each other diminish. This gesture is important and political to me both on a personal level as well as on a larger societal scale.

Kati Korosuo

Artistic Director of FIC Festival

Every performer of the festival received a 194 € fee for a performance. Two of the workshop leaders received a payment of 160 € for their workshops. The people participating the panel discussion were paid 100 € each. A 50 € fee was paid for showing the video installation TÄRKEÄT PAIKAT. The festival technician was paid 220 € for the technical assistance during the whole festival. The DJ performing at the festival club received 100 €.

The salaries altogether were 3 612 € and the statutory non-wage labor costs 1 073 €. Urbaanin taidetanssin tuki ry invoiced 186 € for hosting an improv battle at the festival club. Different small purchases cost 142 €, Facebook advertising 25 € and the designing and printing of the flyers and posters altogether 263 €. The direct productional cost thus was 5 265 €. In addition the festival was able to use theatre Höyhentämö’s space and technique and a part-time producer. Höyhentämö also took care of the financial management of the festival. These indirect expenses are estimated to be about 3 700 €.