Anna Koskela: Favourite Song Disco 

FIC festival 2020 and Favourite Song Disco is unfortunately cancelled. 



Friday 17.4. at 18-20

Price of the workshop: 5-25 euros optionally

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Favourite Song Disco


Saturday 18.4. at 18:30-19:30 


After the Favorite Song Disco we will continue with the festival party: Meet the Artist.

Favourite Song Disco is a non-commercial shared space of bodily existence, promoting realization of good-will, if only momentarily.
In this two-part event we are dancing freestyle to everyone’s favorite songs. In Friday’s workshop we are letting go of the demand to be interesting. On Saturday we show everyone how cool it is to be alive. Saturday’s event is an open to the public.

The body is an amusement park. Not an office.
Joy and shamelessness are contagious.

Everyone who is interested in dance movements is welcome to the Favourite Song Disco. Participation on both days is recommended. Favourite Song Disco welcomes adults of all ages and children aged 12 and above. Below 12, accompanied by an adult.


Anna Koskela is a graduated of Escola Superior de Danca, Lisbon, as contemporary dance as her major subject. At the moment she works in a local culture project Valokeilassa Koillinen by Zodiak – Center for New Dance. “I think the body being like an amusement park, where you can and you should have fun. I dance, because dancing is the best there is. When I dance, I feel alive. In my work I want to deal with themes such as goodness and love, understanding and kindness. I’m especially intrigued by bodily self esteem and self-determination as a societal phenomena.”