Soft Practice Collective: Blob 



FIC festival 2020 and Blob performances is unfortunately cancelled.

Saturday 18.4.2020

Tickets 5-25 euros optionally. 

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Blob is a shared party and a ritual.
Blob tumbles and bumps.
Blob is a celebration for those unidentified feelings that we carry in our body.
Blob is a play and an opportunity to rest.
Blog is shared listening and surrendering to material.

Blob is an experimental participatory performance. The piece is built together with the participants in the performance moment. Blob is a gentle incendiary speech, that tumbles, spreads and drains in the performance space. It’s possible to attend Blob as a participant or as a spectator. The piece is recommended for those over 12 years old. In the performance we adhere to the principles of a safe space.

Soft Practice Collective is formed by the dance artists Elsa Heikkilä, Anni Puuperä and Satu Rinnetmäki. They have been working together since the Fall of 2019. Blob is their first artistic work together. The aim of the Soft Practice Collective is to research and develop artistic work through softer interaction, dialogue philosophy, and safe space principles. The collective dreams of being able to work long-term, developing a practice that acknowledges the different needs of the working group and builds a kind of working culture where wellbeing is prioritized.

Elsa Heikkilä has worked since 2008 in widely different contexts of the dance art. She is especially intrigued by open, questioning and fragile artistic processes, where there is space for dialogue, deep dives into different worlds of movement and sensation. Over the last years, she has focused on contemplating on the possibilities to create both ecologically and socially sustainable processes, that aim to include society.

Anni Puuperä is a freelance dance and performance artist. She is interested in collective and dialogic working and sensitization of the emotions in the body. Puuperä often works with materials and objects. She is interested in working from the basis of empathy and wellbeing and the practice of utopian thinking. For Puuperä, art is doing and experiencing differently. It’s a possibility for different kinds of realities.

Satu Rinnetmäki is currently a dance artist at Routa Company in Kajaani. She is also a certified TRE teacher and a dance-movement therapy student. Satu is especially interested in dialogic and collective working, the principles of workplace wellbeing, making art through gentle, encouraging and approving encounters, and examining the body-mind connection.