Festival of Instant Choreography is part of Dances to a Beat artistic program.

FIC 2017



FIC festival has born from the desire to bring together new aspects of performance dramaturgy and to challenge the traditional ways of making and thinking choreography. This year’s festival consists of four innovative audience-participatory concepts that create instant choreography while operating in an intriguing way in relation to each other, generating different social spaces and challenging the existing conventions. The selected artists for the FIC festival 2018 are:

Energpriests: A Sharing

Household Dance Protocol: Kitchen Explorations

Markus Renvall: Satu on tarua ihmeellisempi

Riina Hannuksela: WALK ME, TALK ME – Acts of Daring


FIC teaser 1.

FIC teaser 2.

FIC teaser 3.

FIC teaser 4.

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