What is it like to live in the city with a Stone Age mindset? What kind of “nature” is it if you look at it like a forest or a mammoth steppe? What kind of spirits and creatures move there? What is its map like when it consists of stories? How can you survive on what the city has to offer?

Hunter-gatherers is a communal experiment and a utopian art project where a band of urban hunter-gatherers live in Kalastama, Helsinki from 30 July to 7 August 2022. Anybody can join.
Children are also welcome, and there is a person responsible for children’s participation on the team.

You can visit the camp and participate in its life simply by dropping by between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
If we are not at the camp, we are somewhere nearby – you can call us: 041 745 2610
You can also call to check beforehand where you can find us, or to let us know when you are coming for example if you are coming with a larger group or have special needs (more about accessibility here). 

The camp site on Google Maps
More instructions for visitors

Participating is free, but you can support us with a voluntary contribution.

Hunter-gatherers began in 2021. You can listen to earlier stories from the Hunter-gatherer world here.

The project is organised by Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse

Leiri = the camp | Soratie = gravel road | Veneaitaus = fenced dockyard | Puro = stream | Kierrätyskeskus = recycling centre