The camp

How to participate
What to bring
Covid-19 safety

How to participate

You can visit the camp and participate in its life simply by dropping by between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Someone is always present.
If we are not at the camp, we are somewhere nearby – you can call us: 041 586 2252 (from foreign numbers +358 41 586 2252).
You can also call to check beforehand where you can find us, or to let us know when you are coming for example if you are coming with a larger group or have special needs (more about accessibility here). 

You can stay only for a moment or live in the camp the whole time, or anything in between. You can come again or visit the camp multiple times.

When you arrive, the Hunter-gatherers present will guide you and introduce you to life in the camp, and you will join the Hunter-gatherers in their daily activities. During the day they might build the camp, wander the area in search of food, raw materials, and other necessities, socialise with other human or non-human beings, and explore what is happening in the vicinity. In the evening they might sit by the campfire, prepare food, tell the stories of the day, do handicrafts, perform necessary rituals, check on what’s going on in the neighbourhood, or just spend time together.

By participating, you agree to abide by these terms. Disruptive behaviour can lead to being removed from the camp.

Participation is free. If you wish, you can pay a voluntary contribution of the sum of your choosing through this link.


The campsite

Hermannin rantapuisto
00580 Helsinki
Coordinaates 60°11’52.0″N 24°58’46.2″E
Google map

From the direction of Kalasatama you can get to the location via Verkkosaarenkuja and from Arabia by the gravel road along the shore. During heavy rain and high tide the road from Arabia might flood.

The nearest bus stop is Agroksenkuja, where buses 55 and 56 stop. In Arabia, the trams 6 and 1 and many buses stop at Kumpulan kampus. From the Kalasatama metro station it’s a 20 min walk.

You can find parking options on the parking map. Officially there is no parking in the area, but in practice much of Verkkosaarenkuja by the water is a parking area used by boaters, fishers and sauna-goers.

Leiri = the camp | Soratie = gravel road | Veneaitaus = fenced dockyard | Puro = stream | Kierrätyskeskus = recycling centre

The area

The Hunter-gatherers’ territory is the area of Kalasatama, which borders Arabia in the north, the streets Hämeentie and Sörnäisten rantatie in the west and is bordered in the south by the newly built area. To the east is the sea. The Hunter-gatherers have been exploring the area since the of spring 2021 and will mostly stay there, but may also go on excursions to nearby areas such as Arabia or Vallila.

What to bring

Ideally, you need nothing. We will try to live as hunter-gatherers and find everything we need in our environment. The camp will always have clean drinking water, a place to wash hands, hand sanitiser, and a portable toilet. You only need to bring what’s crucial to you and easy to carry with you.

However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Take what you want – you know best what you need.

For a shorter visit, you may need, for example:

  • We will spend our time outside. Prepare for the weather (e.g. bring a hat, rainwear, suitable clothing). In rainy weather we will seek shelter at the camp or elsewhere, but it is still good to be prepared for dampness. You don’t need special clothes, regular summer clothes (preferably ones that can get a little shabby) and shoes that are comfortable to walk in are enough.
  • It might be a good idea to have your own water bottle.

If you will be spending a longer time, you may also need, for example:

  • Medications you are taking.
  • Other crucial items that you need for example for your health or mobility, or things that make life bearable like earplugs, sunscreen etc.
  • We will try to “hunt” and gather our food. It might still be a good idea to bring some snacks, or money for food. There is a grocery store nearby.
  • You can bring extra clothes depending on what you think you need. At the camp you can hunt for clothes mostly at the free items section at the recycling centre nearby. Often there’s also some spare clothing at the camp.
  • Toiletries that you feel you need. You can bathe at Sompasauna or on the beach.
  • If you plan to stay the night, it may be a good idea to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad, just in case. We will build huts that have sleeping platforms with cushioning and blankets, but you can also bring your own tent.
  • You can bring your mobile phone and keep it on if you need to be reached, but mostly we avoid using phones. Please note that we do not have electricity. 
  • The ancestors’ vices that you can’t survive without, like coffee or cigarettes.


  • By participating, you agree to abide by these terms. If you break the terms or cause danger or disturbance to others, you may be removed from the camp.
  • We have a first aid kit and a charged mobile phone always at the camp.
  • The camp has a safety plan that contains instructions for safety routines and potential emergencies. A printed copy of the safety plan is at the camp. The organisers will supervise and take lead in risk situations. You can read the safety plan in Finnish in advance here
  • The police and the emergency services have been notified of the event.
  • Necessities that need to be kept safe (mobile phones, money, payment cards, medicines, etc.) are kept in a locked storage near the camp.
  • We strive to create an atmosphere where people can feel safe and comfortable, and a culture that is conversational, sincere and confidential. We will always try to keep in mind people’s needs and wishes and how we can support each other. When you participate, do it in a way that suits your own resources and life situation, and remember that you can always leave or ask for help.

Covid-19 safety

  • Only participate if you are healthy.
  • The camp will be equipped for good hand hygiene. Please take care of hygiene also especially when it comes to food preparation, eating and using the toilet.
  • If you have symptoms, leave the camp until you have had a negative Covid test.
  • We will follow the current official regulations and recommendations.