Do it yourself

If you are already a little familiar with the world of the Hunter-gatherers, you can try these little excursions! They take a few hours and you can do them anywhere, around your home or in any other place that you’d like to take a look at from a Hunter-gatherer point of view.

The experiments correspond to the workshops, so you can do them to familiarise yourself with the themes of a workshop you couldn’t attend or the ones coming up.

You can take others with you as long as one of you has participated in before.

The instructions will open in pdf format and you can print them if you want.

 1. The New World

Step into a new world and learn to see differently.

2. Listening to the Ancestors

What does the modern world look like to the Hunter-gatherers?

3. The Things

What does the world look like, when you think of the things in it as living, conscious, interacting beings?