Conditions for participation 

By participating you agree to these terms.

Functioning as a group, we aim to emulate the way a hunter-gatherer band self-organises: the group does not have a permanent leader, but from time to time the activity can be organised or led by someone who knows what’s needed and who the others are willing to follow. So no one is in a position of authority and decisions are made together – how the group organises itself in practice is part of the experiment. There are no permanent rules. However, we operate within the framework of the surrounding society and strive to be compatible with it, and to ensure that participation is safe and pleasant for all.

  • We will follow the laws and rules of the land. For example, we won’t take anything we are not entitled to, enter prohibited areas, use public transport without a ticket or fish without the required permit. We will follow “everyman’s rights” – for example, we won’t gather plants or plant parts that are not covered by everyman’s rights or light fires in areas where it is not permitted.
  • We will not disturb or endanger other participants or outsiders. If someone finds another participant’s behavior disturbing, we will listen and try to resolve the situation. If necessary, disruptive or dangerous behavior can lead to removal from the group.
  • Children under the age of 18 may attend overnight with a guardian or with the permission of a guardian. We want to be in contact with a minor’s guardian before he or she is left alone in the camp. Children under the age of 12 always participate with a familiar adult.
  • We will follow the current Covid-19 regulations and recommendations. Do not participate if you are infected, have symptoms, or have been exposed. We will update the instructions as the situation develops.
  • You are responsible for yourself the same way you would if you were alone. While the group attempts to support itself by foraging, we cannot guarantee adequate food. So make sure you have enough to eat or enough money to buy food. If you think you need insurance, you have to take care of it yourself.
  • No intoxicants should be used at the camp.
  • We stay overnight only in places where it is allowed, in the area designated as our campsite.
  • You are responsible for your own possessions. There is a locked storage near the camp where a small amount of items can be kept. You can leave belongings needed for hunter-gatherer life at the camp, such as camping equipment, clothing, and tools, but we recommend keeping valuables elsewhere.