Workshop weekend 3:

“The Things”

Saturday’s workshop will be in Finnish and include a children’s workshop. You can read more about it here (in Finnish).

Is a car a human in a different body? What does the asphalt think of us? What do all the individual gloves mean? Who belongs in the family of sticks?

This weekend we explore the Hunter-gatherers’ relationship to the non-human world: objects, tools, places, plants, animals, weather, paths, and so on. For hunter-gatherers they, too, are living, conscious, interacting creatures. What do they look like from that perspective?

You can join at any point – you don’t have to have attended before.

Participation is free. If you wish, you can pay a voluntary contribution of the sum of your choosing through this link.


Sat 11 June 2022 at 12-17

In Kalasatama, Helsinki
Meeting at the main entrance of Arabia mall, at the “fountain”, address Hämeentie 109

Sun 12 June 2022 at 12-17 Helsinki time (UTC+3)

12-13    meeting by Zoom
13-16    in our own environment (you can also take others with you)
16-17    we return to Zoom

Zoom link:
You can read the Zoom instructions here


Sign up by filling out this form

When signing up, we ask for your phone number and email address so we can notify you of any changes or additional information (such as how we adjust to the weather) and you will receive the phone number to reach the workshop organiser on Saturday if needed.


By participating, you agree to abide by these terms.
You can read about hunter-gatherers for example here if you want.
Saturday’s language is Finnish, and Sunday’s English (unless there are only Finnish speakers).
You can listen to the previous stories of the Hunter-gatherers, if you want to know what has happened before.


We will be outside. Wear clothes you are comfortable spending the day outdoors, moving around in. In bad weather we will take advantage of shelter where we find it, but if it looks like rain, it might be a good idea to bring rainwear.

Bring a snack if you need. We will try to find food, but probably can’t rely on our hunter-gatherer skills quite yet…


We start by Zoom, then each will explore their own environment outdoors, and finally we will return to Zoom to tell the stories of our experiences. You can choose any environment close to you that interests you, preferably urban, but it can also be rural or natural.