Zoom instructions

You can participate in the workshops on your computer either through the Zoom app or your browser, and participation on a mobile device is also possible.

If you haven’t used Zoom before, you can test it in advance at In the meeting room created for testing you can test your audio and microphone.

If you attend Zoom events from your computer, we recommend downloading the Zoom application. The downloadable application is more versatile than the browser version of Zoom. However, it is also possible to participate via a browser, in which case we recommend using the Google Chrome browser, which works best with Zoom.


Installing the Zoom application on your computer

  • The file zoominstaller.exe is downloaded into your computer. When the download is complete, open the file.
  • It may take a while to install the application. Follow the instructions. After this the box you see below opens. The installation is now complete

Joining the workshop on a computer

You can join the Zoom meeting by clicking on the link on the workshop webpage. It doesn’t matter if you use the downloaded application or a browser. By clicking the link you open a new browser window that allows you to join the workshop.

  • If you have downloaded the Zoom app, by clicking you will open a separate pop-up window. Open the app by clicking the Open Zoom Meetings button. If you are signed into your account you will get directly to the meeting. If you haven’t signed in, you can sign up or, alternatively, just write your name so it appears to the other participants.
  • If you have not yet loaded a Zoom application, but you want to download it, clic download and run Zoom (marked in green below).
  • If you want to participate with a browser, click launch meeting and then click from the text join from your browser (marked in blue below). After this accept the user terms.
  • Both the application and the browser allows you to test your audio settings and change them (Test speaker and microphone) or join the workshop directly (Join With Computer Audio).

Joining the workshop with a mobile device

When joining the Zoom event on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you will need to download a separate mobile app called Zoom CLOUD meetings. It is available for download through both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is not possible to participate via a browser on your mobile device. Below are the instructions for joining.


  • First click on the participation link.
  • If you have installed the Zoom CLOUD meetings app your mobile device will suggest that you open the application. Accept opening the application. After accepting the terms of use, you can log in to your Zoom account or alternatively enter your name, which will be visible to the other
  • If you have not installed Zoom CLOUD meetings, you will be suggested to download the application. Download the app and then join the meeting.