The workshops are now over.

In May-July 2021, we had four workshops to explore the world of the Hunter-gatherers: to look at the urban environment with different eyes and to develop the lifestyle and culture of the Hunter-gatherers. Each time had a slightly different theme.

On the first day (Saturday) we explored Kalasatama as a group in Helsinki (during two of them, another group explored Rovaniemi).
The second day (Sunday) took place remotely: we first met by Zoom, left to explore our own environments, and finally got together again to share the experiences. In this way, we took a hunter-gatherer look at Berlin and Brussels, among others.

The experiences were told into stories that you can listen to here.

8.-9.5.2021        Sat 12-17, Sun 11-18    The New World
29.-30.5.2021    Sat 12-17, Sun 11-18    The Others
19.-20.6.2021    Sat 12-17, Sun 11-18    The Things
10.-11.7.2021    Sat 12-17, Sun 11-18    The Camp