Workshop weekend 1:

“The New World”

This weekend was our first contact with the world of hunter-gatherers: their lifestyle, world view, and relationship with the world.
We explored it in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Berlin.



Sat 8.5.2021 at 12-17

We set out as groups in Kalasatama in Helsinki and in Rovaniemi. At the end we told the stories of the day.

Sun 9.5.2021 at 11-18

11-12:30          we met by Zoom
12:30-16:30     we explored separately in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Berlin 
16:30-18          we met again by Zoom to tell our stories


We will start by introducing ourselves and discussing what brings each of us here, and what especially interests us. What would we like to try or explore, share or learn?

We’ll talk about hunter-gatherers, how they lived, what about it is compelling to us, and what of it we would like to experiment with.

Then we’ll set out to explore our environment from a hunter-gatherer point of view, either Helsinki, Rovaniemi, or your own surroundings.

How does it look different? What will we find? Something useful, something to eat, something to explore, something to avoid? What tracks are there to follow, and who left them? What paths will we walk into the world, and what is along them? Places to forage or hunt for food, materials, knowledge; lookout points, landmarks, campgrounds, holy places? What human and non human forces are at work here? Who are we, when we change our relationship to our environment and each other?

We’ll gather again (in Helsinki at the fireplace at Teurastamo, where we can make a fire and eat) to discuss our day. From these experiences the world of the hunter-gatherers will gradually start to come into being. We’ll tell the story of this day, each adding what they consider relevant.