Workshop weekend 2:

“The Others”

This weekend’s theme are the relationships between people in the hunter-gatherer group we are creating: to the modern society around them, to each other, to ancestors and future generations. We’ll also continue exploring things that we found interesting in the first workshop.

You can join anytime – you don’t need to have participated before.

We will observe current Covid-19 recommendations.

You can take part one one of the days or both.



Sat 29.5.2021 at 12-17

In Helsinki:       we’ll meet in front of Mad House (address: Työpajankatu 2a) in Kalasatama (map)
In Rovaniemi:  when you sign up we’ll send you information about the meeting place 

Sun 30.5.2021 at 11-18

11-12:30          meeting by Zoom
12:30-16:30     separately in our own environments 
16:30-18          meeting by Zoom

Zoom link:
You can read the Zoom instructions here
You can also participate as a group


If there are only Finnish-speaking participants, the language is Finnish. If there are also non-Finnish speakers, we’ll use English. Let us know if you speak English.

Sign up

Sign up by filling this form

A day or two before the workshop we will send you an email about anything that has come up that you might need to know – about the language, the weather, the group, Covid-19 recommendations, etc. – with a phone number and for those participating on Sunday the Zoom link.

If you need to cancel, please call the number or email us at!


We recommend you listen to the Stories of the Hunter-gatherers. At least read or listen to the Story of Creation. 
By participating you agree to these terms.

If you want, you can read about hunter-gatherers for example here.


We will be outside. Wear clothes that are suitable for spending the day outdoors walking around. If the weather is bad we may take advantage of sheltered places, but check the weather forecast and bring rainwear in case of rain. In Helsinki you can leave your belongings at Mad House while we are on the move.

Bring something to eat. We will try to find food, but probably can’t depend on our hunter-gatherer skills quite yet… In Helsinki we can make a fire at the Teurastamo fireplace.

We will keep 2 meter spacing and be outside, and observe current Covid-19 recommendations. If you want, you can wear a face mask or keep a longer distance. Bring masks in case there are situations where we need to get closer.


After meeting via Zoom we will each go explore our own environment, and will then return to Zoom. You can use any area, preferably an urban environment, but also rural or natural.


We will start by introducing ourselves and discussing what brings each of us here, and what especially interests us. What would we like to try or explore, share or learn?

We’ll talk about hunter-gatherers, how they lived, what about it is compelling to us, and what of it we would like to experiment with.

Then we’ll set out to explore our environment from a hunter-gatherer point of view, either Helsinki, Rovaniemi, or your own surroundings.

How does it look different? What will we find? The focus is on the theme of the weekend, people and the relationships between people. Who lives or has lived here? How are they present in the landscape? What kind of people are we as hunter-gatherers, and how are we in relation to others and the world?

We’ll gather again (in Helsinki at the fireplace at Teurastamo, where we can make a fire and eat) to discuss our day. From these experiences the world of the hunter-gatherers will gradually start to come into being. We’ll tell the story of this day, each adding what they consider relevant.