The story of the Hunter-gatherers

Listen to the stories

The Story of Creation in text form

The world of hunter-gatherers is made up of stories. Everything that needs to be known is passed on as oral tradition: knowledge, skills, culture, worldview.

The hunter-gatherer culture that we are creating together will work the same way. Everything we want to preserve, memorise and pass on, we tell into a story.

It can be thought of as one story that meanders in different directions depending on who is telling it, or of which you can tell only the part needed. Everyone adds their own part to the story. As it’s passed on, the story grows and changes. Still, all the voices and stories together form a whole, the Story of the Hunter-gatherers.

A story told aloud is different from a written story. It contains the narrator’s voice and way of telling, and the moment when it’s told: at another moment and told by someone else, it would be different. That’s why we have decided that this will be an oral story, even when we can’t tell it face to face. When we live in the camp, the story turns into a truly oral tradition. Listening to what kind of stories have been told gives you an idea of ​​what the world of the Hunter-gatherers is like right now.

Only the first story, the Story of Creation, will remain the same and needs to be known by everyone. It describes the starting point, the conditions the Hunter-gatherers need to consider (both set from outside, such as the rules of the surrounding society, or ones agreed to internally) in order to have a shared understanding of how we will operate. It describes how the shared world is then created, and how the creation is told into a story. Because this story is important to know, it is also readable in text format.