Here you can listen to what has happened in the world of the Hunter-gatherers since the beginning of time (2021).


When you click on a story, you will find a brief description of what happens in it by clicking the i icon.
Some longer stories are divided into sections – if a menu is displayed on the player, you can open a list of sections and what happens in them, and move between them.

Most stories are in Finnish, but there are some in English. The stories are in reverse chronological order (the latest story will always appear first), starting with the opening words and the first visits in the Hunter-gatherers world in the winter of 2021 and continuing through the workshops and the camp, then starting again in 2022. The stories from 2023 are unfortunately all in Finnish. From the beginning of the story’s name, you can see at what point the story was told:

Luomistarina / The Story of Creation – how the Hunter-gatherer world was created and instructions for living there
Uusi maailma / The New World – In the first workshop and leading to it we visited the world for the first time
Esivanhempia kuuntelemassa / Listening to the Ancestors – in the workshop the task was to find out what the ancestors are like
Asiat / The Things – the workshop explored the lives of things and the relationships between people and them
Leiri / The Camp – during the workshop we already started to prepare for camp life and considered what it could be like
Leirillä / At the Camp – stories about life at the camp
Uusi maailma 2 / A New World 2 – a new cycle begins as we revisit the world during the first workshop of 2022
Toiset / The Others – in the second workshop we investigated the ancestors
Ympäristön tutkijat / Environment Explorers – stories from children’s workshops
Asiat 2 / The Things 2 – in this workshop we explored the non-human world – what things are up to, think, want, and communicate
Kotona maailmassa / At Home in the World – this workshop was about the Hunter-gatherer world as a home and a community
Leirillä 2 / At the Camp 2 – stories from the 2022 camp
Leirillä 3 / At the Camp 3 – stories from the 2023 camp