Helsinki Butoh Festival 4.11. – 7.11. brings a group of various butoh
artists to Pluckhouse theatre. During four days, 16 artists from
different backgrounds approach butoh-performance from their individual
point of view.

Every night there will be two performances. Performances will start at
7 PM and last until around 8 PM. Duration of the performances will be
20-30 min. There will be a short break in between the performances.
You can not enter the performances in the middle of the showtime, so
make sure you arrive before 7 PM!

During the festival, there will be a butoh-themed photo exhibition at
Pluckhouse theatre.
As a part of the festival, there will also be two butoh workshops
@Nurja: on Sundays the 3rd and 10th 3 PM – 6 PM workshop, plus 6 PM –
9 PM jams.

Nilsiänkatu 10 A, 00510 Helsinki
More info:

20/10e per one night
60/30e pass for all four nights’

+358 45 671 1047

Tickets are also available at the venue before the performances (cash, please).



– – – – – – 4.11. Maanantai klo 19:00 / Monday 7 PM – – – – – –

Tuuli Malla

This dance was prepared in the Central Park in Helsinki
(Keskuspuisto), which I live next to and have roamed in for as long as
I can remember. This time of the year leaves are decomposing, traffic
can be heard in the distance.

– – –

’一期一会 / Ichigoichie’
Ken Mai

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and chance.

– – – – – – 5.11. Tiistai klo 19:00 / Tuesday 7 PM – – – – – –

’Evol Ralullec’
Katia Shklyar & Fàtima Boix Cantó

A motion sequence for body and clarinet setting up a sensual
connection on a cellular level.

– – –

’Läpikäytävä / Throughment’
Myrrys Kollektiivi

The entrance is always open. The contents are the reflections of the
dreamscape. Inside, the necessity is dancing. The tunnel is meant to
be passed through.

Myrrys Kollektiivi is a nomadic art laboratory formed by Sonja
Kilpeläinen, Jaakko Kuikka, Emilia Liimatainen and Santeri Vikström,
featuring Aleksandar Isailović (Serbia).

– – – – – – 6.11. Keskiviikko klo 19:00 / Wednesday 7 PM – – – – – –

Sami Juhani Rekola

A child is born amidst an environmental catastrophe. Dreamed futures
and wishes of continuity are projected onto the child. How does the
child react and respond to both hope and destruction?

– – –


Pulse arises from Emptiness, vibrates in space and body – until it
returns to the Emptiness. Maanväki (Spirits of Earth) leads the
audience to the world of vibrations. The performance is a vivid
journey, combining elements from shamanic singing, vocal soundscape
and Japanese butoh-dance.

Breath in deeply, feel the Earth below your feet. You are welcome to
travel alongside Maanväki!

Juha Kuurajärvi – shamanic singing, shaman drum, tenor recorder and harmonium
Anthoni Levonsaari – butoh-dance, wind chime, soprano recorder, lament

– – – – – – 7.11. Torstai klo 19:00 / Thursday 7 PM – – – – – –

’Mnemnosynelle / For Mnemnosyne’
Aino Johansson & Otto Eskelinen

– – –


– – –

Meri Karhu

A body, a star, tossed into the mist. With dance it recovers its
entity. I have been offered a rhythm to breathe to, a whole universe
of aliveness. Now I give myself back.