Photo: Lotta Nirkkonen



See the performance at the FIC festival.

On Friday 21.4. and on Saturday 22.4. at 19.00 at Pluckhouse. Tickets here.

We also offer a workshop related to this performance. Sign up for the workshop.

Dances to a Beat (DTB) is a technique for making instant choreography using elements of improvisation, repetition and rhythm.

Merphing 2 is a contemporary dance performance based on the DTB technique.

The first Merphing, made in 2015, was created to answer the question: is it possible to make a coherent and interesting dance piece using DTB? The answer has been positive: Yes it is! Inspired by this, we have continued the journey. Along the way, we have broken all the established rules and structures that we created and started to look for new ways to implement this method. In this new version of Merphing, the dramaturgic arch of the piece has been shifted from the choreographer into the hands of the performers, placing the piece at the mercy of the unpredictable moment of performance.


Choreography: Kati Korosuo

Dance: Meeri Altmets and Jaana Kovanen

Sound design: Mitja Nylund

Lighting design: Anniina Veijalainen

Video: Anni Leino

Teaser: Anni Leino