Obvious Unexpected

Performances at Hyöhentämö at 19:00

Friday 16.2.

Saturday 17.2.

Sunday 18.2.

Tickets 22€ / 12€

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In the Höyhentämö co-production, Vera Lapitskaya and Giorgio Convertito explore an interaction of verbal and non-verbal, of words and movements. The artists want to tend to their inner poetry and choreograph what emerges into instant dances. The piece curiously approaches verbal material through the physical experience and movement and text as two languages and explores the mixture of these as an artistic practice. 

“And what if, what if, one day, soon, people, collectively, started attending to their inner poetry? What if we learned to allow our poetry to resound and come through in what we say and align our speech to our poetic selves, to our bodies, to our being, to our dances?” – Billie Hanne 

Vera Lapitskaya is a dance artist and teacher based in Helsinki.

Giorgio Convertito is an italian dancer and dance maker based in Helsinki.


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