Photo: Salla Korja-Paloniemi



See the performance at the FIC festival.

On Friday 21.4. and on Saturday 22.4. at 19.00 at Pluckhouse. Tickets here.


Bodily Monologue is an instant performance. It suggests that a performance does not begin with the choreography, score, idea, theme or concept, but it starts with the performers themselves. When viewed this way, the concept of choreography (and the performance itself) is subject to the practice of the performer. The performer does not aim to create a coherent dramaturgy nor to fulfill other performance requirements (such as time, space and rhythm); instead, the piece tries to bring forth everything that is already within the performer and happening to him or her. Instead of creating a comprehensive piece, the performer is bringing out his or her (possibly chaotic) multiplicity of impulses. This is a practice that creates a new concept of performance. This process has just begun: the effort to destroy the inherent dramaturgy of a piece and the performer’s own learned structures and models is challenging (to say the least). The following questions remain: what kind of sequences or performance aesthetics will be created? Is this process worth it? And what qualifies a successful performance?


Concept and performance: Satu Rekola