Besides its artistic productions, Pluckhouse offers variant show services. For over ten years we have produced facinating shows for the business companies, societies and private customers. Our performers can take care of either short show numbers as a part of an event or the whole program of the event. We work both in co-operations with agents and coordinate the services by ourselves.

We create performative solutions to any kind of events, such as promotion events, company parties, seminars, meetings, markets and pre-christmas parties. In addition, we offer consulting performers who create performative elements in order to inspire the working society and develop the business.

We always create our services in dialogue with our customers!

Currently our show services are divided to two options:


Living statues


The magic of a living statue is based on bold appearance and the combinations of a still body and sudden movement. Simple but facinating and even hypnotic statue is suitable for the opening of an event, beside the entrance or for a decoration in party space etc. It keeps interesting for several hours. Live statues can bring up the atmosphere also outdoors. In addition we offer live paintings and other installations.

If wanted, a statue character can also move and activate the audience. The character can resemble a mime and make a small performance. 

Mimes are masters of non-verbal communication. They are approachable and approaching characters who delight and relieve the atmosphere.

Characters can be used in events as visual elements or active performers: imitators, crazy guests, fuzzy waiters and other invisible theatrical adaptations are good examples.


Performance on a Floating Tank


For small groups we offer a unique and personal performative experience*. This includes a relaxing one hour flotation in a salt water tank. The performance is for one person at a time.

The performance is based on an artistic research program The Power of Suggestion that was developped in Pluckhouse during 2013-2016. We can plan a unique and individual experience according to the customer.

At the momet there are two modules to choose from. Both of the modules have three parts: 1.  Concious orientation, 2. A one hour floatation and 3. Going through and remembering the experience.

My Day in the Tank
An experience in a floatation tank that is directed performatively and where the stage is the mind of the spectator. The client meets the performer before and after floating and the experience is structured in interaction with another. During one day there is time for 4-5 people to experience this performance. 

Another Day in the Tank

In addition to the previous this takes place in a shamanistic frame of reference and it includes drumming. During on day there is time for 2-4 audience members.

*A performative experiense is taking place in spectators own body and concioucness. This kind of performance challenges the notion that a performance is something where someone is performing and instead it gives an emphasis on spectators active role. The performative experience is based on the preception of changes that the spectator can notice  (in body, cociousness and in space) 

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