Democracy is dead, long live democracy!


The Autopsy of Democracy is a performance trilogy investigating the death of democracy and it`s cause. During 2017-2019 the working group will extend an anarcho-carnivalistic gaze upon the core elements which democracy is supposedly based on. Does such a system truly based on equality of rights and operation exist, or is democracy rather a textual wrapping paper for a less flattering order?

The program is led by artists Teemu Päivinen and Jenni Kokkomäki.
















Past events

28.2. – 4.3. and 12.11. – 14.11.2020 Losing the Concept(s) of Self – but Still Talking

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26.4. & 28.4.2019 Spirit Radio 

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1.-3.12.2017 001 IMOUS – A Techno-Shamanistic Christmas Session

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14.4.2017 Finland is Consuming 100 km/h

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