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Ken Mai: Vigyan Bhairav – 覚醒の深みへ – To the depth of awakening 

Tickets 22€ / 12€


Monday 18.2.2019 at 19.00

Tuesday 19.2.2019 at 19.00

Wednesday 20.2.2019 at 19.00

“The theme of this work, “To the depth of awakening”, VIGYAN means consciousness, BHAIRAVA means the state which is beyond consciousness, expresses a certain aspect of meditation that exists in daily life through dancing. Meditation is believed to be a process of observing consciously, eloquently, awakening to self, such as their own movement, emotion, psychology etc. With that, we will understand others and nature etc, objectively. The body, mind, consciousness, energy, psychology, senses, movement, space, heart is always related to each other, they are meditation dances that we have tried while recognizing and feeling. This may be a guide to meditation through dancing. Meditation is a dance. Dancing is a meditation. The awareness of consciousness should come through the body and various physical exercises. However, it is a process and an attempt as to how much they can observe, capture, feel, intrude into the universal space by the heart and soul, and dance the eternal dance in outer space. It is also a journey to the world beyond the human concept. In other words, through recognition of numerical values, techniques, physical limits, etc., the recognition and importance to the free and universal world beyond these will be expressed here. And what matters is the truth that the universe has destruction and order. There is no truth in dancing without these. Recognition and acceptance of elements such as darkness and light and beauty in the inner and outer world are necessary. Otherwise biased views and perceptions will be made, so the capacity will be narrow and the truth will be lost. The seed grows up in the darkness, molts and grows towards the light, and blooms beautiful flowers. When flowers bloom, pollen gets soaked in ecstasy, scattering to outer space, dancing, eventually falling to the earth. And life and death are repeated. The core of meditation and true dance is one underlying, and its world and reach are the same. The social nature, education, thought, pattern, prejudice, desire, ego etc. existing in the concept of human cover the pure heart which is the nucleus, the true self’s appearance, and the fundamental cosmic consciousness are not recognized. It is the fact that it is being spent. The space filled with love that dances in the pure universe space embraced by the mother’s womb forever and I can not help feeling ecstasy.”

Ken Mai