DTB class on Monday 24.4. at 19.00. at Höyhentämö concludes this years FIC festival.

The workshop is led by the initiator and developer of the practice, Kati Korosuo. Dances to a Beat has its roots in her 2013 artistic research project Project Tanzhaus Zürich in Switzerland. Since then, Korosuo has been using the technique in various contexts in Finland, Belgium, France, Israel, USA and Guatemala. She has also choreographed two duet performances based on the practice: Merphing and Merphing 2.

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Dances to a Beat (DTB) is a tool for making instant choreography using elements of improvisation, repetition and rhythm. This tool helps to develop several fundamental dancing skills including precision of movement, musical articulation, versatile expression, and creativity. The technique forces its practitioner to be present in the moment, not judging oneself and one’s own choices but trusting intuitively in the information that is already inherent in one’s own body. In this practice, the participant can both access and let go of his or her emotional and physical history. Practicing DTB will help to understand and appreciate an individual’s uniqueness and to see oneself as a part of a bigger picture.