The workshop IMPORTANT PLACES by Riku Immonen will take place at Höyhentämö on Sunday 23.4. from 13.00 to 16.30.

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A video installation by Immonen will be screened at Hmö Lounge: on Sunday 23.4. between 13-19 and on Monday 24.4. between 18-21.


“When performing and also dancing lessened in my life, I noticed that I missed them a lot. I ended up filming small moments of improvisation on my phone at the times, when I felt like it. When I shared these dances, inspired by the moment, in social media, I got the feeling both of dancing and performing. Win-win!”

In his workshop Riku shares some of his history and how he ended up improvising in different public and private spaces. In the workshop we will look for places that inspire us for moving and will then film these small moments. At first we will be filming in groups, then we will find our private spaces and moments individually. Finally the workshop will be concluded by sharing thoughts and experiences about the sessions.

For the workshop you will need comfortable clothes to move in, both indoors and outdoors and a device for documentation, for example a smart phone.