Workshop by Wilhelm Blomberg. The workshop is a part of the FIC festival. It is held at Höyhentämö on Saturday 22.4. from 10.00 to 16.00 Sign up for workshop.

A performance by Blomberg at the FIC festival on Sunday 23.4. at 17.00 Buy a ticket for the performance here.



1. Your favourite music on a portable player and headphones

2. Writing tools (preferentially computer)

3. Dance clothes

We are going to think about two words


First I thought the workshop could be about a division between one’s own personal dancing and dancing as a performance, but that’s not necessarily the case
last night I got in to this crisis and couldn’t sleep, and tonight is the same

I just bumped into Hoffice Helsinki and a workspace/project called Temporary (
their expermiental working community seems really sweet
and it struck my inspiration also for this text; Personal agency (I will come back to this term later in the Context-section)

My whole ( artistic practice ) is an attempt to understand the world around me,
and my potential in it, with my body, my doings (and) / my art?
my attempt is to split it all up, and catalogue my dancing and proposals, segment it in the smallest tiny bits, that I am able to observe them as pedanticly and precisely as possible
I bet everybody has their style

that seems to be the key of it all felt like a really good thing
The most imporant is to try to find a way to be and to act
that you have somebody to ask
and somebody to listen
and maybe answer
somebody with whom you can mirror and reflect


In this workshop (if I am imagining that I am organizing a workshop and I am taking part of it, we would do something like this):
-Write on computers
-Communal writing in google docs 
-Walking outside and listening to music, perhaps a bit of dancing in the midst,
-Warming up dancing and streching
-Looking for moods in the body, dancing moods, medidation, overdoing it
-talking a bit
-talking freely 10min each without interruption

 Duration 4-6 hours ( 10-12 [lunch and music promenade] 14-16)  


After my graduation i’ve been caught in this need to define and divide dancing
my own dancing and dancing as a performance,
so I could reflect on them both, 
which is the one I want to do
or how do I want to do them both
and what different things they could be for me
(could they be the same, or in what prospect, and what could be the benefit from it?)

How to be personal,
is probably the idea behind the workshop

Also, I would like to replace the word dance with agency/action
For me the most important and anxious thing in the world is the ecocatastrophy = climate change (though i prefer the word ecocat. as climage change sounds way too casual)
I feel that I am uttrely incapable as a person to face this issue, or even less try to make a difference…

…or the amount of influence
In an attempt to try to save the world, a consoling tought is that it is definetively enough to first work to save yourself
One can end up in a deep enough anxiety  (in the relation me-ecocatastrophy)
In some regards my solo performance “Wilhelm and Spiegel im Spiegel” is an attempt to ask, to learn and study my potential in regards to the ecocatastrophy and my place and potential in society.

It is completely valid just to save yourself, to take responsibility of just oneself, your own doing and your own ((mental))health.
So that you just don’t end up a burden, being in such a priviledged position, eg. me: white, western, male. middle class, finnish-speaking-swede, cis straight …
and then contribute with your potential as much as you have the energy and health for.

For me my crisis strikes often with that thing above:
I want to be able to support myself, as I am so priviledged.
and thus I burn out of a hunger to do more.
For example when it comes to eating vegetarian.
It doesn’t feel enough anymore to go veggie all by myself, but trying to figure out how could I support my sisters meat-and-dairy loving family (or someone else) to give it up?
With what tricks?

And I guess this is how responsibility towards society is born.
How can one be in relation to the other, birthing the society?
And this is how we can gain access to performance as well.

Personal dancing could im my opinion be dancing, or being, action and agency which one is doing for oneself
to learn about oneself, learn to ASK and explore oneself and ones surroundings
maybe being personal is activating oneself in relation to ones surroundings.
“If I do like this, what kind of reaction does it ignite in others?”

And like this dance and agency goes beautifully hand in hand.
Performance again is this some kind of perverted tool of investigation (aestetified? what does that even mean?)
in which, which different tools or forms, one is trying to make sense of the world around oneself, the society.

I think this might be finished.

I feel something like this.